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The Hot Nights of Linda

The Hot Nights of Linda

This is a double review, in the same way of Jess Franco in order to show my double bank manager.

 The story begins with the hiring of Marie-France (Alice Arno) by Bigotini ('big or tiny' according to the scene) to work like ou pair girl in the house of Mr. Steiner, who lives with his two daughters. The house is in  a Greek island and the two daughters are Olivia, the nymphomaniac, gorgeous Lina Romay with taste, and Linda, the invalid.

Also in the film appear the silly dumb-deaf Abdul, played by Pierre Taylou, in the same way that once was played by Jess Franco as Memmet in 'Vampyros Lesbos' (1971) and Victor Olid in 'The alligator ladies' (2013).

When Marie-France arrives on the island, she is involved in a sea of dark sexual anxieties, nightmares and unsolved murders. Then appear the mother Lorna without saying a word, but only by her name you’ll know that is a key part of the conflict, and soon she will be exorcised.

It seems that we have all the elements, an island and locked in themselves and doomed are: Steiner and Lorna, Olivia and Linda, Abdul and Mari-France. Jess Franco is a wise man cooking emotions in these conditions. Years later he insist in the same plot with 'La casa de las mujeres perdidas' (1983) or the remake ‘Broken Dolls '(1999). This is  a father tormented by the infidelities of his wife with another man, and two disabled daughters, one of they will always be a nymphomaniac, then the sexual tension become atavistic fight between Eros and Thanatos.

Speaking about of Eros, the erotic film suddenly becomes pornographic (or almost) with the inclusion of explicit scenes of penetrations and ejaculations. Not only is porn inserts, there is a complete  transformation  as a double version so that there are a lot of differences, for example in the first encounter, first is a boring meeting, on the other hand the meeting is with Lina Romay absolutely naked, both scenes with a glass of champagne.

The duel of bodies is served, chilly served. The body of Lina Romay appear naked in front of the body of Alice Arno, it’s a fight of big asses where ‘Alice vincit' while sunbathing together in front of peeping Abdul.

With this film we can see the moment where Jess plays between softcore and hard with the help of these two amazing women (who also share art in 'La Comtesse Perverse', 'Les Gloutonnes' and 'Maciste' all 1973) . Also in this period there is a collaboration between Jess and Eurociné, and his characteristic brand looking for the maximum benefits  with the production of  different versions depending on the country and its permissiveness.

Making the investment profitable given us the opportunity to enjoy a 2x1, because you do not understand the story if you not see the two films. In this case I could watch 'Les nuits brûlantes Linda', in French with several ‘French inserts’, and 'La felicità nel Pecato' in Italian, where Lina play a blowjob which an Italian banana.

This scene with the banana is not only a billboard, it is the most important scene in this film. In the French version it appears in the part that Olivia rapes his sister with this fruit, and Linda throwing a terrifying scream. In the Italian version is Olivia eating banana, and playing with his tongue arousing the poor Abdul. Certainly I prefer latest version which Romay plays with his tongue but she speaks with her eyes.

Those eyes that fighting face to face between different characters, because Jess in this film prefers short dialogues and long look and the look of the other.

For a while, I got lost because the argument was missing. At first Alice begins the film reading a book, and at the end the camera show us Alice wake up and we suppose that all was a dream. At the bottom of the image we can read the title: Quién violó a Linda?, and the name of the writer: David J. KHUNNE.

My God, he is a genius, Jess Franco had written novels West with this pseudonym when he was younger, then it is a solution to remedy the surreal plot. In this way we avoid the complain about the inconsistencies, and Jess can do different versions without disrespect. How can I understand the double version?  Porn and cop, back to back, if only in the mind of Jess the films are mounted and remounted by themselves, if only their films are elements that are constructed and reconstructed on an eternal way.

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